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Kyle Shepherd: piano, alto sax, vocals; Buddy Wells: tenor sax; Dylan Tabisher: double bass; Claude Cozens: drums All music composed & arranged by Kyle Shepherd, except ‘Die maan skyn so helder’ (Traditional), published by fineART Music. Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].

  1. Zimology

  2. Dylan Goes to Church

  3. Cry of the Lonely

  4. Die Goema

  5. A.I.

  6. Spirit of Hanover Park

  7. Die maan skyn so helder

  8. Love Poem

  9. The thread that binds us

  10. Vang gou die Strandloper

  11. Almitra

℗2008 South Africa © fineART Music, under exclusive license to Sheer Sound (part of the Gallo Record Company). Initially Released 2009. Recording Engineer: Gerhard Roux / Sun Studios Mastering: Tim Lengfeld / TL Mastering CD Cover Artwork & Design: The Bryan Slingers Partnership (Pty) Ltd Photo Images: Marwhaan Lodewyk (Hand Image: Wayne Conradie)

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