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Into Darkness

Kyle Shepherd: solo piano on all tracks except ‘Salaam’ piano & alto saxophone

All music composed & arranged by Kyle Shepherd, except ‘Ebhofolo’ – Traditional. Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].

  1. Ebhofolo

  2. Kalk Bay

  3. Belhar / Repetition and Reflection

  4. Into Darkness

  5. Xariep

  6. There’s a sadness in us all

  7. Salaam (Peace on Earth)

  8. Song for South Africa

  9. Multi-tonal Excursions

  10. Goodbye Timer

  11. Silent tongue rise up

  12. The Kione

2014 Japan ©fineART Music, under exclusive license to Shikiori Records

Produced by Kyle Shepherd & Seigo Matsunaga (Shikiori Records)

Recorded at SHIKIORI, Miyawaka, JAPAN on 10 & 11 September 2012 Mixing and Mastering: Yoshihiro Nakamura Design: Hiromi Fujita (fungus) Photo: Wayne Conradie Creative Director:  Kei  Wakabayashi (WK & Co.) Product Planning: Makoto Miyanogawa (SONG X JAZZ Inc. Manufactured & Marketed by Shikiori Records. Distributed by Shikiori Records / Song X Jazz Inc

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